Memories of sailing a historical 18

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Memories of sailing a historical 18

Post by atefooterz on Fri Oct 21, 2016 7:45 pm

Time flies quickly and it seems silly not to have at least a few facts and memories in the interwebs to document the fun and hysteria that in four short years time will mark 30 years of 18s, 2018 for the pre Association launch of the rebuilt Yendys!

Feel free to post anything that may be of interest, be it those early days breaking timber spars, racing on the Medway or Auckland harbour. Pittwater visits, Brisbane River or Aberdare at Toronto....

Maybe you visited Sydney and like a San Diego yotti, who after spending 2 months in NZ for the Americas Cup, had a 2 day stop over in Sydney and on his way to the RSYS saw the 18s being rigged then was press ganged onto Topweight, in fresh breeze, where she was at the pointy end for most of the race. Fast wet rides then went down at speed off Chowder Bay. The guy was still raving and enjoying himself in spite of the hour or so dunking,shouting the table drinks and hot munchies bemusing how "for free" he had more fun in one afternoon than all the cash spent on the AC event.


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